Content Disarm & Reconstruction(CDR) Service

SaniTOX is a content malware disarm SDK that fundamentally removes executable activecontents(Macro, JavaScript, etc.) in document files through its own developed CDR(Content Disarm &Reconstruction) source technology.

* Support file : doc/docx/docm, xls/xlsx/xlsm, ppt/pptx/pptm, pdf, hwp * Subject : Macro, JavaScript, OLE Object, Embedded File, etc. * Maximum file size : 50MB

When you click the [Start CDR] button, it will be assumed that you have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Use to use our company's services. The uploaded file may be retained and used by our company for security analysis purposes.

SaniTOX Features

Disarmsembedded object
Detectsabnormal formats
  1. Detects abnormal formats Detects abnormality(normal/abnormal) of file structure via signature
  2. Disarms macro/script/object Eliminates executableactive contents(Macro, JavaScript, etc.) and execution of inserted objects in the document at source
  3. Alters file structure(Recombines file) Removes active contents and recombines as a safe document file upon provision

SaniTOX Application areas

  • E-mail
    • Downloading
      e-mail attachments
  • Web
    • Downloading a file
      via browser and
      web services
  • Storage
    • Downloading a file
      from external storage devices
  • FTP
    • Downloading a file stored on FTP, file server, and archives

SaniTOX Video

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